Gettin' Our Rachael Ray On

Monday, July 25, 2011

So there was a week on Rachael Ray's show that she made all kinds of yummy waffles during what she called waffle week. I wanted to try one of them out so we bought stuff to make cinnamon apple muffin waffles! It was fairly easy and very entertaining since Cole was helping. He even claimed that he sliced the apples better than Rachael Ray could have. :)

Can you see how focused he is? Tongue stickin' out and everything! :)

Showing off his "thinner than Rachael Ray" apples. 
We had to sauté the apples to make them soft and yummy to put on top of the waffles.

You just whip up a muffin mix, stick it in the waffle iron, and top it with the sautéed apples!

And snack on the apple slices that didn't get sautéed with some peanut butter, of course! 

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the ending product, but just so you know they were pretty yummy! The waffles were a little dry, but I went with a pretty cheap muffin mix so maybe if you got one that was higher quality it would be better. I think I'll have to try it myself and see!

I was also able to get a video of Cole sautéing the apples and making up his own words to a song that was playing, which is something he's really good at and likes to do a lot. Haha! Enjoy it!! :)

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  1. lol nice!!!sounds good I'll have to try this for sure because Aaron likes apple stuff!