Camping at Cascade Springs

Friday, July 29, 2011

One night as we were laying in bed I suggested to Cole that we go camping this past Tuesday night since we were both off of work on Wednesday. It doesn't take much to convince him to go camping - so we planned on it and went! 

We went to a place pretty close to our home here in Midway that's called Cascade Springs. Since I grew up in Texas I'm used to flat prairies that go on for miles and miles compared to the mountains that now surround me. Because of this the drive up, over, around and through the mountains to get to a campground makes me a nervous wreck every time. Nevertheless it is beautiful and very enjoyable to escape into the middle of nowhere and make good memories with your best friend. :)

Just a side note: we had cause to celebrate this week because the 22nd of this month marks 1 year since the day we met! Had you asked me last summer around this time if I'd be married to the man of dreams by the end of the following winter semester you would've gotten a resounding NO, but I can assure you that we are both so very glad that it all played out the way that it did!

Cole was having a blast by hacking away at some wood!

Our dinner table. :)

Yummy tin foil dinners!

We set the timer on the camera to get a picture of us and it took more than one... 

I wasn't expecting more pictures so I dug in.

And then laughed because Cole is a goof ball - as always. :)

We forgot silverware to eat with so Cole made a fork! He's so handy.

We made yummy banana boats for dessert. :)

I wanted our food tied up in the tree because I was scared a bear might  come get it, so Cole got to working on a way that he could rig it up in the tree. 


The next morning for breakfast we made omelettes in a muffin tin - they were yummy even though they got a little burnt.

Since we forgot to make s'mores the night before, we got out the stuff to make them and had them in the morning. Haha! 

Cole loves peanut butter so he smeared some on a banana and roasted it. 

Sadly enough, it fell in the ashes and my first s'more fell in the fire. I guess that goes to show you shouldn't eat s'mores in the morning!

This was the pretty stream that we were camping right beside. 

Cascade Springs - such a neat and beautiful place! 

Some of the grass there was taller than me!

Mt. Timpanogos

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