Camping + Good Friends + No Bears = FUN!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

So since our good friends Eric and Ari are leaving to Malaysia for the rest of the summer, we've tried to squeeze in some fun times with them beforehand, but it's been nearly impossible since Cole and myself as well as Eric work a ton and since Ari has been busy with school. A few weeks ago we had them up for Sunday dinner  and to watch an NBA finals game (way to go Mavs by the way!) and that was fun, and this past week we decided we'd go camping one night - so we went last night! I'm not really the happiest camper, but since we have cool camping gear now and since Cole loves it I figured I better learn to love it too! 

This was attached to the table when we go to our campsite - definitely not what I  waned to see!

Cole was working away at putting up our tent as I watched...

And then when I helped it worked out good! He actually did most of the work... :)

We were SO excited to use our hammock that is for 2 people! 

Ari made yummy kabobs over the fire.

Cole was our entertainment for the night - sparklers in the fire and his made up songs kept us VERY entertained!

They decided to go "bear hunting." This is them in their get up. 

And Cole made breakfast burritos for breakfast before we left this morning! I wanted to warm my tortilla. :)

Ari did too, but she tried a different way. Haha! :)

And like he did all night Cole was throwing things in the fire and fishing them out with his hands so he did the same with his tortilla - he's so crazy! 
Cole decided to enjoy his burrito while relaxing in the hammock.

Eric loved the burritos - as you can tell by his face. 

And they tried to enjoy their burritos while both sitting in the hammock (upon Cole's request) but it didn't quite work out in their favor. Ari and I got a good laugh out of it though! I sure was glad I had my camera in hand when it happened!

As you can see we had a blast and made some good memories with Eric and Ari. We are so grateful for their friendship in our lives and look forward to making many more memories with them!

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