4 Wheeling Fun

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yesterday we decided to go on a fun little adventure up Lime Canyon, which is here in Midway! We went and got the 4 wheeler from Cole's parent's house and began our adventure. I was being a bit of a stink because I don't like to be cold AND I don't like when people drive crazy, but I will have to admit - I had a blast! The view we had from up in the mountains was absolutely incredible! It made me realize that I have been living in such a beautiful place for a couple of years and haven't even began to appreciate all of the beautiful creations that are surrounding me. Thank goodness I married a man who loves the outdoors so I can now have someone to share the beauty of this earth with! :)

This was one of the few road blocks that we experienced. 

We couldn't go past it soooo we took a picture with it! 

There were a couple of pretty meadows so we took advantage of them for some good photo opportunities. 

Yay for 4 wheelers! 

Cole found a clay pigeon! And attempted to shoot it...with his hand. :)

We had to duck under this crazy tree that was over the trail at one point!

The view from up on the mountain was seriously breathtaking! I still can't believe this is where we live.

Cole saw this tree and just had to climb up on it - he's crazy!

I liked that you could kind of see the sunset in this one, and that you can see how long the tree is that he was on!

Cole's favorite trees are these quaking aspens or "quakies." They were pretty prevalent on our trip and he loved it!

I love my life, I love the beauty of this earth that was created for us, and I love my husband. 

Vida es bonita. 

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