I've found all I've waited for & I could not ask for more

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking back on the past couple of weeks I seriously cannot think of words that can fully describe how blessed we are. We have a family who loves us dearly, we have many wonderful friends who are there for us both when we need them, we have a beautiful home to live in, we have a loving Father in heaven who blesses us beyond belief and most importantly we have each other

Getting to live with your best friend and always have them to talk to about your joys and sorrows is the best feeling ever. Married life is blissful and I can only imagine how much better it gets as life goes on! 

Vida es bonita.   


  1. :) Congrats, marriage is the best adventure!

  2. i love love love LOVE that you are married, you cutie girl.
    i keep thinking of you here in mexico as i practice my spanish. es muy dificil, pero me encanta!

    i can't wait to see your married self in the fall and swap our summer stories.

    te amo muchisimo!