Yay for friends and productivity!

Monday, February 7, 2011

This past weekend was SO great! Cole and I found my wedding dress AND we decided on what announcements we're gonna use - hooray for us! There are still some other things on our "to do list" for the wedding, but we definitely had a very productive weekend! Not to mention a very fun one too! We recorded the BYU basketball game and went back up to Midway to watch it and our friends Eric and Ariana drove up and we got some yummy BBQ chicken pizza, drinks and headed to Cole's grandparents (who I adore!) to watch the game and eat our food. We then went to the ice castles that are in Midway - so neat! Cole met Ariana in his Farsi class and became good friends with her and they coordinated for us to do a double date with her and her husband and now we're planning on doing all kinds of fun things with them! Lots of camping this summer and a road trip to Cali - can't wait! :) We love doing things with them and we hope that we'll be lifetime friends with them. 

The four of us at the ice castles.

Cole and I at the ice castles - so neat!

We took a few pictures after church - he's such a good lookin' man!

Vida es bonita.

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  1. That sounds like such a fun weekend. I love those pictures, you guys are adorable. Look how big those Ice Castles have gotten....amazing. I miss you and love you both. :)