Miracle Boots

Friday, February 18, 2011

See these boots? They're miracle boots. Cole actually found out they're from REI cuz our friend Ariana has them in brown, so when we went there to do our wedding registry I tried them on and he fell in love with them and so did I. Sadly enough they didn't have my size in the store or online. Crazy, I know. Well I checked back occasionally and they had every size except for 7. But guess what? Today I decided to check again and all they had was a size 7 and they were on sale! They were originally $150 but they were marked down to $75! They're a dang good pair of black leather boots, so I immediately called Cole and told him that I was gonna buy them and he approved and was just as excited as I was. We went shopping for some black leather boots for me last night, but didn't have any success. Now I know why...

Kinda funny, but I feel like I learned a life lesson from a pair of boots. Good things come to those who wait and who stay on their toes ready for whatever life has to throw at them. Thanks to my persistence and determination to get these boots (and Cole's encouragement) I am now expecting to have these babies by next Monday! So exciting. I also feel like Cole is a miracle in my life too. He treats me SO good - sometimes too good I think. I am not exactly sure what I did to deserve a man as wonderful as him, but I'm sure glad I did whatever it was. There are many modern day miracles, we just have to have the eyes to see and the faith that they will happen. To some these moments may be insignificant, but to me they're miraculous.

Vida es bonita.

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