Home for the Holiday

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm in the homeland of Texas! I got here Wednesday afternoon and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. It's pretty chilly now, but it's gonna warm up so that's nice! 

Every time I come home for any school break it's always kinda different. It's a different feel than it was when I actually lived here. I think it's just because I've now moved on in life. I love it here and I love coming home to see my family and my friends that I haven't seen in a while, but I've definitely moved on from this place. I had some good times and some bad times growing up here, and being here for long periods of time just kinda puts me in a funk. There's not a lot to do so I end up sittin at home most of the day and hanging out with my family and then I end up going to Walmart to get a movie from the Red Box and some Blue Bell ice cream with Erin and Savanna. It makes for good times, but I definitely miss the night life of Provo. I especially miss my amazing boyfriend Cole! This is the longest we've been apart from each other and it's definitely not fun or easy for either one of us. 
At least we have adventures in New York to look forward to! :)

Even though there's not a lot to keep me entertained I was able to tag along with my dad to go to one of the farms that my family has and feed the cows. This was something that I absolutely LOVED to do when I was growing up. I would get up and go with my grandpa early on Saturday mornings and help him out by standing in the back of his truck and holding cow cake in my hands and feeding it to the cows. Unfortunately this time the cows weren't used to me being around so they were pretty nervous with me being around, but it was nice getting to go out there and see the cows and the farm land that I have so many memories on. I also got some good pictures of the Texas sunset! Oh how I miss it.

The salt blocks and bags of cow cake we gave to the cows.

They were chowing down!  

I made her pretty nervous so she kept her distance.

This is what the sun looked like just after we got to the farm.

This is what it looked like as we were getting ready to leave. So beautiful!

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  1. oh i love this post. reminds me of when we both realized we swam in horse troughs when we were little and also realized how hick we are. haha :) love it!