I believe I can fly

Friday, August 20, 2010

Soooo I'm sitting at the airport in Salt Lake City about to get on a legit airplane for the FIRST TIME EVER! The drive up here from Provo was really good and as we got closer and closer to the airport I got butterflies like crazy!! I know it seems so crazy that I'm 19 and I've never flown before, but it's true! I've been on a little 4 person airplane last summer in Nebraska and that was lots of fun, but this is a LEGIT airplane we're talkin about here. I can hear them flying over and it just gets me so excited!! I'm headed to Denver, CO first and then it's Amarillo, TX! Yeehaw! :) I'm so ready to be home and see my family and friends and eat me some good southern food. It'll be a nice little break at home and when I get back up here to Utah it'll be nice to have everyone else back with me in Utah!! :) I'm gonna soak up some good Texas sun and eat me some good southern food and then it's back to the grind with school on the 30th. Life is great!!

Texas here I come!

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