My Freshman Year at BYU

Sunday, May 2, 2010

  So now that finals week is over and pretty much everyone I know from my freshman group has gone home or to foreign countries, I feel like I can now say that I'm on to the next part of life since I'm now in my first real apartment and back at square one with only knowing a few people. I'm loving my new apartment a lot but I must say I kinda miss my basement dwelling that Kaylie and I called home all last year. There were many great times in there and in Whitney and Young hall in general! My freshman year at BYU was definitely a memorable year. I met sooo many wonderful people and I learned so much about myself throughout the course of it all. I learned that I could be on my own and that I had to rely on my Heavenly Father to get me through rough times even more than I did living at home. All in all I'd say I had a great freshman year and I'm super excited yet a little scared to see what the future holds for me just because I'm about to have to make some super big decisions that will affect the rest of my life and I'm hoping I'll be able to do what is right and what will help me to become the woman that I want to be and I know that as long as I really think about things and pray about them that I will be guided in the right directions to do so. 

So now that it's "officially" over I'd like to say that the most memorable things from my freshman year are...


        Kaylie and I are some of BYU's biggest sports fans.
        That's for sure! :)
We both had all sports passes and we definitely used them to their advantage!

    Our intramural volleyball team was LEGIT! And we will be returning this fall. :)

Yes, Kaylie and I were "ninjas" at one point.

Slurpee runs to 7-11 were so fun! :)

Studying out on the hill was so nice when the weather permitted.

B-ritt came to P town for a week and we had a blast with her! She's so great!

Our trip to Temple Square in SLC was definitely one to remember. We had quite the adventure on the
trax. Haha! I love these two girls so much. :)

Our spontaneous trip to Squaw Peak was the perfect kick start to finals week!

Savanna, and myself went on a "hike" on my birthday and I was worried that we wouldn't live to see the end of the day...but we made it nonetheless! :)

All in all freshman year was a blast! I'm gonna miss all the people that I hung out with but I know I've made friendships that will last a lifetime. BYU is awesome and I'm ready to see what the next few years have in store for me here in good ole Provo, Utah! 


  1. what you have a blog??? welcome to this wonderful world of blogging! I love it so much! I loved this post. Ahhh Freshman year is the greatest ever! I miss it, but the change is good, but I feel like there is just something magical about your freshman year at byu! My blog is

  2. A-PAY! So, I think you captured freshman year perfectly! All the pics were definitely highlights of this year. It made me really sad, but happy at the same time to remember all the good times. Oh I miss you girl. I can't wait to see you! Loves to you my dear!