Our mini vacation to San Antonio!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cole has been working like crazy, so when his supervisor offered to cover for him for 4 days we jumped at the opportunity and decided to head a little over 5 hours away to San Antonio to see Cole's grandparents. We had a blast! We went to the natural bridge wildlife ranch, got to see the Alamo, the River Walk, the temple, had some delicious Texas BBQ brisket sandwiches and we decided to drive up to Waco before heading home on Monday to see the Magnolia Market at the Silos! We had so much fun and had some much needed family time. 

Finnley Joan: 12 months old.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I don't know if I've been putting this off because I'm in denial that Finnley is already one (probably so) or if I just haven't gotten around to it because I have so many different things/ideas flying around in my head and world right now. I'd say it's probably a good combination of the two. But anyways, here's Finnley's 12 month old picture and update!

Finnley Joan at 12 months old:

You point at things and say that.

You can say wow, uh-oh, yeah, mom, dad and hi (which is accompanied with an adorable wave). 🤗

You're not walking yet, but we trick you into standing on your own and as soon as you realize you're not holding onto anything you slowly crouch down to the floor and start crawling. You've taken some steps on your own here and there, but we've got some more practicing to do to give you a little more confidence to take off!

You do like to push our kitchen chairs and various other things around while walking.

Two front teeth are in all the way in!

You do a fake spit whenever you hear your dad spit. 😆

You give us "loves" at random times by softly laying your head down on us and it's heart melting.

You give us big, wet open mouthed kisses.

You've started to throw baby tantrums, which crack me up, but have me a little worried at times. I don't remember your sister throwing tantrums so early in life and I'm wondering if you've learned that skill from her. Haha!

For your birthday we made homemade enchiladas and tres leches cake and you were definitely a fan. 😊

This past year of our lives has been quite the crazy adventure, but I'm so glad you joined our family when you did because it reminded us to slow down a little and focus on all the good around us. We love your guts Finn! 

Finnley Joan: 11 months.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How in the world are you almost one baby girl?! While I try to figure out where this last year went, here's your eleven month update!

Just today (December 7th, 2016) you finally signed please when I asked you to say please for some more breakfast! 

You will occasionally say "hi dad" but only when you're in the mood for it. 😆

You shake your head "no" at us when you don't want something we're trying to give you. 

Little by little you're getting more brave with walking while holding onto things.

You still only have your two bottom teeth. That's it! By this age Kennedy had five teeth with a sixth one on the way! I think your top ones are close to coming in, but we shall see...

You blow kisses and it's so darn cute. 😘

A couple of times I've gotten you to clap when we start to sing "patty cake."

Your sassiness continues to shine through. For example, you get mad at Kennedy when she takes something from you and/or you squawk at her to let her know it's not okay and to get my attention to help referee the situation. 😂

That being said, y'all are starting to play better together! I put you down on the floor as I was checking out our books at the library today and you started crawling away, at which point Kennedy decided to chase you on all fours and y'all were both cracking up SO hard. That was a moment that I want to etch in my memory for forever.

You and your sister make life a little crazy at times, but then y'all go and do something really cute and funny (like you did today 👆🏼) which makes us slow down and soak in the goodness that y'all bring into our lives each and everyday. 

Finnley Joan: 10 months.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finnley Joan at 10 months:

You've started waving! It's seriously the cutest thing. Melting hearts left and right. Even if we say the word hi without waving at you you still wave! 🤗

You have 2 little teeth on the bottom! They've really come in now and just the other day Kennedy was "helping" you eat and she exclaimed "Mom! Finnley has teeth!" She seriously was so excited for you. And today in the car she said "Ow!" And when I asked what was wrong she said, "I put my finger in Finnley's mouth and she bit me!" 😂

You have started to look at your dad and day "da" and just today it sounded like you tried to say "hi dad" when your dad told you to say it! Too cute.

You are a really good eater, but at times you tend to have a problem with mixed textures. For example, when we feed you yogurt that has little bit of fruit in it you will eat the yogurt no problem, but if you are given a bite with fruit in it you somehow eat the yogurt and then push the little piece of fruit out with your tongue!

You are fitting into some 12 month clothes already, but you're still pretty petite. However, you're definitely getting heavier to carry around so I know you're growing and gaining weight!

You've already learned how to drink out of a straw and eat food out of the little baby food squeeze pouches, which is SO awesome for us because we're pretty sure Kennedy didn't learn to do that until she was well over a year old. 😬  I bought some of these ReSqueeze pouches so we could fill them with some baby food/apple sauce instead of having to buy the one time use ones and it has been SO great! I'd definitely recommend them. Even Kennedy has loved having some applesauce in them, which is such a quick, healthy and easy snack for y'all when we're on the go.

You are currently living in your third home in your short 10 months of life and our move to Louisiana will make it your 4th in just under a year. Not sure if that's something to be proud of or what, but it has to be a record! 🙃

We're definitely starting to see your little independent and sassy side come out these days too. Whenever Kennedy is loving on you a little too rough, takes something away from you, or starts playing with something you're already playing with you start yelling at her and waving your arms at her. And when I tear your food (i.e. a waffle) into little pieces for you to feed to yourself but leave the bigger piece within eyesight, you get mad until I give you the big piece to hold onto and dust the little pieces onto the floor! Such a stinker. But we'll still keep you. 

Pumpkin Guts

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For family night a couple of weeks ago we carved a pumpkin and had some caramel apple suckers. Kennedy just couldn't stop talking about how much she loved the "guts" of the pumpkin and how much fun she had scooping them out! 

Holidays with her are getting to be SO fun! She's going to be a "nice" witch for Halloween (her words) so stay tuned for the cute, nice witch and her little black cat! 🐱 🎃 👻